How I got here

Creating this jekyll blog: thoughts, resources, advice


It took a night, not 3 minutes as the JekyllBootstrap site describes, but the full night. But, I finally got it. “It” is a Jekyll blog up and running hosted on GitHub Pages linked to my personal website on Github.

The following resources were incredibly helpful, albeit frustrating at times. When one led me to a mysterious error, I was able to use the others to figure it out.

Stumbling blocks for me

  • downloading and configuring ruby so I could download and configure jekyll.
  • Jekyll + Windows = :/
  • _config.yml in jekyll
  • Trying to integrate my jekyll blog into my personal website and keep formatting from separate css files

It’s done, phew

I’m glad I endured the headache of one night to set it up. From my survey of data science/developer bloggers out there, it seems most are disgruntled with the web interfaces of popular sites like Wordpress and Blogger. As a pseudo web newbie, I’m hoping the freedom that jekyll + GitHub Pages provides will allow to me to pick up more html, css Markdown, JavaScript and all that good stuff.