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  • Assorted 1/2 inch galvanized steel pipes
  • Black spray paint
  • 1/2 inch board
  • 3/4 inch board
  • Dark wood stain


  • Mitre saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Hammer & nails


I really liked this design, especially the wine glass rack. I used this as my starting point and made some adjustments to the design from here: scatched the wheels, added a third shelf, changed the pipe design, added more wine racks, didn't use glue."


I had an idea in my head (and some scribbles on paper) of what I wanted, but didn’t have specs for materials or dimensions. I generally like to start projects with an idea and let the materials I come across shape the execution of it from there. My tendency towards getting hands-on over theorizing took place pretty quickly at Home Depot. To avoid the inevitable “forgot a piece” or the “design doesn’t work” problem, I tried a prototyping a couple designs in the middle of the plumbing aisle until I got one that seemed to work.


After making the frame in the store pretty fast, it turned out to be harder than I expected to re-make the pipe frame and keep it sturdy. It’s sort of like a puzzle. I don’t remember the order in which I assembled the pieces, but I needed to create several larger components from the pipes and then assemble them in a certain order so that everything fit together. This required some logical thinking and quite a bit of trial and error. I also scraped the stickers off the pipes (a tedious process that took a couple hours).


Once the pipe frame was assembled and stickers scraped, I applied a couple coats of a matte black spray paint. I seem to rememeber this paint was $1 at Home Depot.


Creating the hanging wine rack on the top shelf took some math to get the dimenstions right. However constructing this wasn’t too bad. I used nails rather than glue to attach T-like racks to the boards that sit on the pipes. Nails just feel more secure to me, and you can’t really can’t see them anyway.


I did some quick sanding of the shelves and finished the wood with a dark mahogany wood stain (MINIWAX). Then I quickly expanded my cocktail supplies to fill the empty bar.