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internationalist turned economist turned data scientist




DIY pipe shelf clothes rack

I recently moved into new bedroom: bigger space, less closets. Clothes and shoes needed to go somewhere.Inspiration ...

DIY walnut slab coffee table

After building a slab coffee table for my living room a couple years ago, I was asked by a work colleague of my roomm...


Nextbus - how accurate is it?

Nextbus is great.It tells me how many minutes I have before I have to start running to catch the bus.Nextbus estimate...

DIY pipe bar shelf

Materials: Assorted 1/2 inch galvanized steel pipes Black spray paint 1/2 inch board 3/4 inch board Dark wood st...

DIY pallet box

Materials: 2 wooden pallets jigsaw miter saw (optional) hammer nails (1-2 inch) crobar/prybar (optional) grade...